Improved cardiac output: Training tablets have similar effects to sports

New drug could particularly help people with right heart failure
With so-called heart failure, the heart does not provide the organism with enough oxygen. Researchers have now developed a pill that achieves the benefits of exercise. Such a drug could help many people with so-called right heart failure, which was previously difficult to treat.

The treatment options for patients with right heart failure are currently extremely limited. The scientists from the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute have now developed a type of training pill. The drug has benefits similar to physical exercise and exercise, and appears to be effective in treating right heart failure. The doctors published the results of their study in the journal "Cell Research".

More and more cases of right heart failure
When laypeople think of heart failure, they generally refer to the failure of the muscles on the left side of the heart, said author Dr. Lynn Megeney from the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. But in the past decade, we've seen about 50 percent of heart failure cases with weakness on the right side of the heart, the expert adds.

There have been few options for treating right heart failure in the past
So far, the opportunities for successful treatment in patients with right heart failure have been very limited. These patients really have no options in terms of effective pharmacological intervention or therapy, the doctors explain.

Cardiotrophin-1 is produced during pregnancy and during exercise
Researchers at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute found that a certain protein could help people with right heart failure. This protein is produced by the body during exercise and during pregnancy. When the protein called cardiotrophin-1 was given to animals with a sick heart, these hearts grew to a healthy size. "We found that this protein triggers a type of heart growth that is usually associated with exercise," said Dr. Megeney.

Pill signals physical activity to the heart
The pill shows the heart that we are currently doing sports exercises. Due to this effect, the pill can be used to strengthen weaker hearts. This allows the heart to grow and pump more blood through our body. This replicates what happens during exercise, jogging, or cycling.

CT1 grows cardiac muscles and stimulates blood vessel growth
When part of the heart dies, the remaining muscles try to adapt to the situation by getting bigger. But that happens in a dysfunctional way, and it doesn't help the heart pump more blood around the body, the experts say. “We found that CT1 allows the heart muscles to grow in a healthy way and also stimulates blood vessel growth in the heart,” says author Dr. Megeney. At this early stage of research, however, it was not yet clear how often CT1 had to be taken to achieve a desired effect. (as)

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